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Shredded feminist over a bed of regret

The inimitable Prof. Jordan Peterson was invited onto a British current affairs programme and interviewed by an overly-coiffed, highly aggressive, and extremely overconfident SJW of a presenter about the present-day "crisis of masculinity".
That went about how you might expect, really.

In other words, the SJW host ended up looking like chum before a (very polite, erudite, measured, and eloquent) shark. By the end of the interview, hostess Cathy Newman- who in any sane world would be fired for suffering from what appears to be a terminal case of Dunning-Krueger Syndrome- was reduced very nearly to tears by the relentless grinding assault of facts, evidence, logic, and carefully worded arguments.

Ms. Newman there is the perfect advertisement for everything that the rest of us truly hate about the media. The smugness, the condescending attitude, the totally unjustified sense of preening moral superiority, the outright ducking and dodging of points that conflict with the bubble…

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